The Surrender of the Royal Prince.

The Surrender of the Royal Prince1666 , Jan de Quelery-1920x1212.jpg “The surrender of the Royal  Prince “

Oil on canvas 150 cm by 240 cm ,  2016/2017  .

By ; marine artist Jan de Quelery .

In June 1666 , the Dutch and English fleets fought a ferocious battle on the Southern Nort sea called “The 4 Days Sea Battle”. 

On Whitsun morning ,13 June  van Nes formed a front line , with the intention of continuing the pursuit of the English . Tromp was on the right flank and Banckert on the left . De Ruyter returned to the scene of the battle in the afternoon to take over command . Shortly after, Rupert led an auxiliary squadron from the south-west  as reinforcement for Monck . In their haste to join  them  , The “Royal Charles “ the “Royal Katherine” and the “Royal Prince” got stuck on the Galloper  sand bank . The first two were able to free themselves , but the “Royal Prince” , under the command of George Ayscue , could not more. Ayscue had no choice but to surrender to Cornelis Tromp and Isaac Sweers and was taken prisoner . De Ruyter then  set fire to the “Royal Prince” to prevent her falling back into the hands of the enemy. This infuriated Tromp, who could only stand and watch  as what he considered to be a valuable prize went up in smoke.


With an eye for detail and sense of drama, Jan de Quelery  portrayed  the moment  when  the  English  flagship  “Royal Prince” ran  aground on the sand bank ,  left of  her  Tromp with his ship “Gouda” .


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