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The Raid on the river Medway , Chatham 1667

From the left ; "Agatha" , "Beschermer" , "Charles V" , "Propatia" , The "Royal Charles" , "Matthias" and a Dutch Admirals yacht .

The Royal Charles, 80-gun first rate ship, built in 1655. In the Battle of Lowestoft on 13 June 1665, the first battle of the Second Anglo-Dutch War (1665-1667), the Eendracht, then armed with 73-guns, dueled the much heavier 80-gun English flagship the Royal Charles. In the early afternoon, the Eendracht was hit in the powder room and exploded. There were only five survivors out of a crew of 409.

Material: Oil on canvas

Dimensions: Oil on canvas 150 cm by 240 cm