The battle near mountain Etna [ The Battle of Augusta ]

The French fleet consisted of 29 ships of the line, 5 frigates and 8 burners commanded by Abraham Duquesne. The Dutch-Spanish fleet was composed of 27 ships of the line (17 Dutch-10 Spanish) and 5 burners, commanded by Lieutenant Admiral General Michiel de Ruyter. It was a short but fierce naval battle. Neither side lost a ship, but many were killed and wounded, especially on the Dutch side. The battle ended abruptly. The Dutch commander Michiel de Ruyter was seriously injured. When the French admiral Abraham Duquesne learned of this, he decided to withdraw his fleet, out of respect for the legendary naval hero. As a result, the battle ended in a draw.
Michiel de Ruyter died a week later from his injuries.

Material: Oil on canvas

Dimensions: 150cm by 240cm